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This work is the work of two artists, Matsusaka Daisuke and Taiki Kusakabe.
Matsusaka Daisuke's music is created by analyzing environmental sounds. Each sound that is heard at an unexpected moment is processed in a special way to create a sound that moves unpredictably back and forth, left and right, creating a sound space with no center anywhere.
While ordinary recordings inevitably deviate from the artist's intentions depending on the performance of the playback device, the reverberation level of the room, and other factors that affect the viewing environment, the elimination of the center of sound paradoxically resolves this problem, and even allows the listener to enjoy the work while moving around.

The painting by Taiki Kusakabe depicts a peach blossom branch on a mirror surface filled with water. As with the music, the ever-changing and unpredictable shapes are copied into a square with no distinction between top, bottom, left, and right, creating a multifaceted expression that complements the music.

Furthermore, in giving final form to these works, Matsusaka focused on the concept of "reproduction" based on the idea of the non-reproducibility of environmental sounds, and produced "data (the most accurate but infinitely reproducible)" to "paintings (absolutely unrepeatable)" on "limited production CDs with a design cut from a painting on the disc and "direct cut The "data (the most accurate, but infinitely reproducible)" to "paintings (absolutely impossible to reproduce)" are expressed step by step in the format of "a limited production CD with a design cut from a painting on the disc" and "a record produced only once by direct cutting.

By adding the characteristics of ready-made media formats and the meaning of custom-made products, "Spring Wave" is a sculptural work that encourages thought about art, experience, and ownership. Spring Wave" is a sculptural work that encourages thought about art, experience, and ownership.

Each piece comes with a custom-made acrylic frame and can be displayed on any tabletop or wall.
They can be displayed on any tabletop or wall, and come with a storage bag and box.

The music alone is available for purchase on the "Limited Edition CD" or through distribution.
The CD will be custom-framed with a design extracted from Kusakabe's original artwork, and will have the same specifications as the "Art Edition" CD.

The CDs are all available in 96kHz/24bit.
Due to the distribution site's limitations, the songs are divided into six 10-minute segments, but they can be listened to without interruption.

Also available for distribution only is "Spring Wave Feel," a DJ-friendly version with heavy rhythms and a solemn melody.
Matsusaka Daisuke & Kusakabe Taiki - Spring Wave Feel

Please enjoy "Spring Wave" in various ways.




制作にまつわるこれらの選択に共通するのは、日常における一期一会の瞬間性とそのすべてを「元来与えられているもの」として再提示し慈しむ眼差しであり、そこに既製メディアフォーマットの特性と特注品という意味を加えることで、この「Spring Wave」は芸術と体験と所有にまつわる思考を促す彫刻作品であると言えるでしょう。


音楽のみでのご購入は"Limited Edition CD"、または配信にてどうぞ。
CDの盤面は日下部泰生の原画から抽出したデザインで特注フレームに入った"Art Edition"のものと同じ仕様です。


また配信のみでのご提供として、重いリズムと荘厳なメロディを加えたDJにも使いやすいバージョン「Spring Wave Feel」も同時にリリースされています。
「Matsusaka Daisuke & Kusakabe Taiki - Spring Wave Feel」

ぜひ色々な形でこの作品「Spring Wave」を楽しんでください。


released April 27, 2017

Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered By Daisuke Matsusaka at Studio Sprout Lab.
Painting By Taiki Kusakabe
CD Artwork By Tomoko Matsusaka


all rights reserved



Offtone Japan

DJ、作曲家、エンジニアであるMatsusaka Daisukeのアンビエントストリーミング放送「Off-Tone」として2009年にスタート。
三軒茶屋キッチンBravo、吉祥寺Club SEATA、恵比寿SPES Lab、SOUND MUSEUM VISION、Club asia、Orbit、代々木公園野外ステージエリア、DOMMUNE、Contactなどの都内クラブ・イベントスペースで開催。
2012年から会場を野外にも広げ、「CAMP Off-Tone」という形で国内外のアーティストを紹介。現在では国内屈指のアンビエントパーティーとして評価をいただいている。
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